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All Rituals, Religion, Education, Secret Services and Political Movements have been Scientifically Engineered to create Fake Gangs for 10,000 Years.It's what the old Roman Empire, and the Babylonian Empire, and the Cult of Apollo, and the Byzantine Empire did before.Former National Security Advisor M K Narayanan, however, took a stronger view of the issue, saying China is trying to start a water war with India."China is actively considering a water war over the Brahmaputra," he said.The Guy Fawkes plotters were a 'Fake gang' controlled by the London government.The UK's General Frank Kitson (Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism) refers to the 'Fake gangs' set up by the security services.

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Though the USA is at present their main adversary, the Chinese feel that the real challenge they will face will be from India, the former NSA said at the two-day symposium organised by the Research Centre for Eastern and North Eastern Regional Studies, a Kolkata-based think-tank, that ended yesterday.

ISIS - Venetian created MI6 created Wahhabism (against Islam) in 1706 - based on the same principles as Lutherism (against Catholicism) - and institutionalised it in MI6 created Saudi Arabia to create destabilising Jihadi Armies creating chaos in the Middle East, Russia and China. Of course Generational Families and higher levels need trauma based mind control layering many alter sub-personalities into the mind - front subs and controlling back subs - used since Babylonian times and updated by Mengele after his research in Holocaust concentration camps - in order to ensure compliance.4.

SATANISM/LUCIFERIANISM/33RD DEGREE FREEMASONRY - Pagan Rituals and Myths used to pervert, degenerate and control a psychopathic ruling class.

Mao was a 33rd Degree Freemason put in place by the CIA!! KARL MARX - Wrote Das Capital from his MI6 provided office in the British National Library under Ambassador Urquhart creating MI6 inspired Communism, Russian Revolution (65 millions tortured dead) and Mao's Chinese Revolution (85 millions tortured dead), and Socialism.

George Orwell's Totalitarian text's "1984" "A Boot, stamping in your face, forever" - the Totalitarian or Legalist Fake Gangs sprang from this bough.

Stephen Grey's book The New Spymasters says the UK intelligence services used the family of 'IRA leader' Gerry Adams as spies for the UK military.

The then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, failed to disguise his hatred of pirate radio despite being hailed as the epitome of a modern politician.… continue reading »

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They are very particular about what they need and know how to get it.… continue reading »

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Y tengo en mente algun otro de House MD (y hasta Hu Li...) pero ya veremos si consigo darles forma... Cuddy and House get to know their daughter while dealing with their new roles in life. He is between the golden eagle's wings and ascending to the Headmaster's office before he's quite had time to decide why, but he stops outside the door at the sound of a woman's voice. Y llega de Washington a tiempo de conocer al equipo de superhéroes conocido como "Los Vengadores" ¿Cuál será su reacción? Or would the only thing changed be the amount of hope in Tony's heart? ¿Qué hizo que Severus Snape quisiera revelar su relación secreta a un montón de cabezas de chorlito en medio de un Baile del Ministerio? But for the first time in years, he hoped he was wrong because he knew that such an event could destroy her.… continue reading »

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