Amidating enzyme

25-Dec-2016 10:43

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The structures also reveal a tyrosine residue (Tyr) at the active site as the catalytic base for hydroxyl deprotonation, an unusual role for tyrosine.α-amidation is a final, essential step in the biosynthesis of about half of all peptide hormones and neurotransmitters.Study subjects possessing the minor alleles for rs32680 had lower PHM and PAL activities, and subjects with minor alleles for rs11952361 and rs10515341 had lower PHM activities.Our results characterize large variation in serum amidating activity and provide unique insight into its potential origin and determinants.

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Relationships between PHM and PAL activity and serum levels of their respective active-site metals, Cu and Zn, were analyzed.Carboxy-terminal α-amidation is a final and essential step in the synthesis of about half of bioactive peptides in humans[].