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When the Internet was still new, I used a few of their pictures to catfish white boys so I could hear them say that they loved me, even if it was only digitally and not really me.

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There was no sympathy for a mixed girl who was trying to draw bridges off her identity, aligning with whiteness.Markle has had the opposite experience, recalling in a personal essay for in 2015 that in grade school, her teacher urged her to check the Caucasian box while filling out the census, because that was how she appeared. Not as an act of defiance, but rather a symptom of my confusion.I couldn’t bring myself to do that, to picture the pit-in-her-belly sadness my mother would feel if she were to find out. (Her father later advised her to draw her own.) As kids, my cousins too had trouble identifying themselves with either race.There are complexities in not only how their physical appearance is perceived, but the emotional toll that it takes on their psyche, as well as the people around them.

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Their stories are layered with feelings of alienation, insecurity, privilege, confusion, envy, and (for some) also pride—to be neither black nor white but an amalgamation of races.

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