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That is because society has fallen into the classic – and all too common – trap of defining intimacy between two people who love one another deeply as "sex" which in my mind is "animal-like genital intercourse". Most people automatically assume – wrongly – that because I am paralysed I am unable to have sex.They will just have to do them differently.” Below we share Bert’s thoughts on a topic that everyone thinks about from time to time – the ups and downs of dating with a disability. However, once people see that you’re in a wheelchair, you have to address the point and keep going, so they understand that you’re not just someone in a wheelchair. ” And the next step is that I start talking to them.Dating 101 for People Who Are Newly Injured – Spinal Cord Injury Q: Will people still want to date me? Then they get their minds off the wheelchair and find out that I’m really a person.Q: How do you have the sex talk without freaking your date out?A: I would talk about what works, and what doesn’t work, making sure to let them know that now with all the medications on the market, things work a lot better than they used to.I had a successful teaching career and was a talented sportswoman. I don't believe that I will ever be able to get to the point where I can fully accept my state of being, trapped by my own body, almost living like a sort of modern-day mummy.I was happily married, had a beautiful baby boy (10 months old) and filled with the joys of life as I made plans with my husband, our friends and family to live out our dreams. I recognise that I will still face a lifetime of mind-wars which will probably leave me weary and feeling defeated, at times.

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Instead, we go on cruises, hang by the pool, scuba dive and snow ski together.

The short version is that I was involved in a car accident almost 16 years ago at the age of 28. That's easy, I eat with my mouth and chew my food with my teeth... Otherwise, friends and family take over when I'm out with them. Thus my abilities – or seemingly lack of – hold no relevance. I'd say that the first four years were the most difficult.

Moments later the car in front of us came to a sudden halt causing a chain of events which led to our vehicle landing up on its roof. If you really want to put me in a box (which I hate) I am classified medically as a C4 quadriplegic – and still human. I thought many times of driving my wheelchair in front of a truck or a bus.

He has discovered that no matter how grave the situation, no matter how discouraging, there are always possibilities for good and for growth. Next week, Bert will be talking about the Joys of Marriage, followed by Living Happily Ever After and What About Divorce?

This is probably the question I am asked most frequently. I took off my seat belt while my husband was driving and climbed over into the backseat of the car to change my baby's nappy. When I was younger I always wished to be different. What does your body look like after years of inaction? But if you must know I have a wonderful man in my life again and I wouldn’t swap our intimacy for anything in the world. The most frustrating thing for me was the fact that I had been stripped of that choice. No one has been very willing to help me in that regard.That may have been the case 31 years ago when I was first injured, but it no longer is.