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Response At its Best DIY Projects, : The Response is a three way loudspeaker system featuring Vifa's D19TD-05-08 tweeter, Jaycar's 30mm dome midrange and Jaycar's 8" poly woofer.

The RS15-ISO Tube DIY Projects, : Subwoofer for home theater using a pair of Radio Shack (model RS40-1301) drivers.

Toccata Grande, Part 1 DIY Projects, : Lars Mytting's exciting narrative on his experimental 3-way transmission line with five Seas drivers.

The story includes discussions on driver area, a new idea for midrange baffles and a novel method for reducing cabinet vibrations. If you have designed your own speakers and want to present the project, or have an idea for an article, you can contribute to this site.

Join us as we look both forward and back, exploring the world of 3D printing, Ultimaker's strategy, and how 3D printing will change over the next two decades.

Autonomous transportation isn't just for Silicon Valley startups anymore.

As it gains more traction, industries, companies, and individuals are wrestling with the question of whether to embrace the technology...

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Drawing heavily from Shinto and Japan's ancient literature, the school looked back to a golden age of culture and society.

Making of M1 DIY Projects, : A 2-way closed box loudspeaker featuring a Scan-Speak tweeter and a Scan-Speak 6 1/2 mid-woofer. You can now suggest new links to the Link section, which is under construction.

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Ron Harries 25 wouldnt it be an idea to include one on how to slipstream the drivers with the XP ISO.… continue reading »

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