Dating for dumies

21-Mar-2016 12:59

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Flirting and Dating for Dummies encompasses a struggling male teenager's wish to capture the attention of the light of his life.

"Flirting" involves the teenager's reliance on a "Flirting Bible" to gain attention from a girl.

I am dipping into this book again now after several years of not needing it.

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We live in a sketchy post-feminist world and it's about time our dating guides actually reflected that.

The girl, unfortunately, pays no attention to the male teenager as she is engrossed in flirting with another boy.

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For the first four years of our relationship I really struggled with distance mainly because I didn’t know anyone in my position. My friends saw their boyfriends every night of the week, and Perth was so isolated, people tended to date other people who lived in town.… continue reading »

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