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01-Sep-2016 16:55

I was very careful to explain that the web site didn't work last night.

The lady put me on hold for a while, then told me she'd text message me with the email address .

Now for the email, a long piece I wrote (and found myself adding to over and over again) about the phone call, my billing problem, and what I'd found on the web site. Every time I got to the last step in the "email AT&T" process, my screen would freeze up and nothing else would happen.

I Googled for an email address but got confusing results. So this morning I called billing support again, simply to ask for an email address to send my letter to.

When I got home later that night, I checked my Quicken account and discovered that indeed, I haven't paid a wireless phone bill in 3 months. And now it was late, I'd have to wait until tomorrow to call back...wait, AT&T (formerly Cingular) has a web site and I have an account there!

"So I got disconnected, then reconnected (no word on that fee yet), then called back and made my full payment. But everyone I'd talked to on the phone that day repeated back my new address.

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When our household was on the brink of the abyss, whose first name is "divorce", this is what the miracle means spared us from a terrible pitch.

Then I make an amazing discovery: my account was set to "!

" That is something I've never authorized, I have no idea how that got there.I tried to explain that I always pay on time and was prepared to make a full and complete payment...