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30-Aug-2016 06:30

If I ask “what’s the chance that at least one in ten thousand Internet users is an annoying troll?

” you laugh hysterically and tell me that nobody has even invented numbers that high. Reddit looks a lot like a normal forum or blog comment section, the sort of BBS I used to go on as a kid with twenty or thirty regulars who would dominate all the discussions.

But these kinds of claims are often themselves far-fetched.

If I told you in normal conversation, unrelated to compelling reincarnation theories, that kids have a natural talent at cold reaading, you’d scoff and demand proof. Let’s assume 10% of those see threads like the above – which were pretty popular and which I think both made it to the front page. Now let’s assume that even 1/10,000 people on the Internet are annoying trolls, which is maybe the easiest assumption we’re ever going to have to make.

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She walks over and immediately stuck her hand down into the garbage disposal and pulled the item out in perfect condition.And it’s not just reincarnation and booklet-finding. If each of those annoying trolls posts one fake story to a thread like that for the lulz, that’s enough for ten really convincing stories per thread – which is really all there are, the other fifty or sixty are just the usual friend-of-a-friend-had-a-vague-feeling stuff.If you read Reddit enough, you’ll find hundreds of equally compelling stories of telepathic contact, cryptid sightings, UFOs, et cetera. (it’s true that in a site read by a million people, there will also be far more people who have experienced a genuine one-in-a-million coincidence, but that shouldn’t scale nearly as quickly; after all, liars can invent coincidences way more far-fetched than the sheer numbers would allow) This hypothesis seems obviously right.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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