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So, you up for the challenge of rubbing down Angela BEFORE having your way with her?The brazilian girl of your dreams is here and her name is Liziane Soares.“You Remind Me of Something” may be my favorite song of the set.One of these days I’ll have to dive into his recorded work. [: September 19, 2013] Two Pints Two Pints is a delightful, short book that shows just how funny Roddy Doyle is.Say hello to Katey, the brunette hungarian beauty of your dreams and the naked girl you want to spend your weekend with.

Have you ever seen a Playboy model so passionate and frisky?

Each entry is dated starting with 24-5-11 (May 24, 2011 for us Americans) and ending 4-9-12 (September 9, 2012).

At first I thought that they were regular meetings, but they aren’t. But in each visit, the two men meet at their local with a pint to discuss the events of the day (often quite reluctantly).

Of course they also talk about their wives and kids and grand kids (the one crazy piece of nonsense is that one man (neither are named) keeps talking about buying wild animals for his kids (polar bears, hyenas and the lot).

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It’s so strangely far-fetched for something that is otherwise down to earth, that I’m just not sure if Doyle was making a point or just being goofy.

But otherwise, one man begins talking and the other joins in.