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Puppies often whimper to gain access to their bitch's nipples when they are hungry.A yip might be heard when a Wolf is suddenly frightened or hurt during play or ritual combat.The leaders of an established pack retain the right to mate, not through title, but through the ability to keep other Wolves of their gender from copulating with others during the mating season.The alpha male usually accepts the strongest female to mate with; and this tends to be the same bitch year after year unless she is deposed.When the alpha is in a particularly grouchy mood he may not allow the omega to feed, or constantly dominate him or her.

Deposition may result in the death of the ousted member as a frenzy of violence, sort of like mob mentality, may lead the pack to chasing the deposed Wolf to exhaustion and then killing him or her.

The omega Wolf is usually the last to feed at the site of a pack kill.

The omega seems to be the scapegoat for the other Wolves and generally slinks and submits at the least act of aggression by others.

The beta male may attempt to mate with the alpha female during mating season and the alpha male must chase him away to make sure he doesn't.

The same thing applies to the beta female, who may try to entice the alpha male to mount her until chased away by the alpha female.

The alphas are the first Wolves to feed at the site of a pack kill.

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