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Following the takeover of the Popeye animated franchise by Paramount Studios in 1942, Famous Studios made drastic changes which abandoned almost all traces of Thimble Theatre and focused largely on plots involving Popeye, Olive, Bluto in something resembling a love triangle, without many other characters appearing and with very few shorts deviating from that setup, which involved Olive falling for Bluto and Popeye beating him after eating spinach in an oft-repeated formula.

Olive's design was changed quite a bit, now being given more hair, smaller feet, wider eyes and a more feminine face, likely as to try making her a more attractive prize for suitors to fight over.

He's strong to the finish 'cause he eats his spinach! See more » Everything Is Food (uncredited) (aka "Food, Food, Food") Music and Lyrics by Harry Nilsson Performed by Larry Pisoni, Carlo Pellegrini, Susan Kingsley, Michael Christensen, Ray Cooper, Noel Parenti, Karen Mc Cormick, and John E.

She also gained her own segment titled Private Olive Oyl, where she was teamed up with Alice the Goon.

In 1938, Margie Hines took over as the voice of Olive Oyl, starting with the cartoon Bulldozing The Bull.

In the cartoons, she would usually be Popeye's sweetheart, or a girl that both Popeye and Bluto were trying to impress.

Later sources, mostly in the cartoon series, say that Swee'Pea is Olive Oyl's cousin or nephew that she has to take care of from time to time.

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Because of the episodic nature of the shorts, Olive's character was severely limited to only serving as a damsel-in-distress who was often kidnapped by Bluto and saved by Popeye.She is Popeye's eternal sweetheart and the two have stuck through thick and thin to face many challenges and adventures together. Segar and was said to have been inspired by real-life Chester, Illinois local Dora Paskel.

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