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15-Jan-2016 19:53

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The man likely meant that progressives around the country came to Alabama to campaign for Jones, which included canvassing and helping to register voters.(There is nothing at all suspicious about out-of-state individuals engaging in these common activities, which are protected by the First Amendment.) Out-of-staters likely intermingled with Alabamians throughout the race; campaigns do not typically segregate canvassers by state residency.This primary marked the first election in which Alabama’s new ban on crossover voting took effect, so it’s understandable that a small fraction of voters might have missed the memo.Yet Merrill threatened to prosecute these voters, as well as poll workers who aided them.

The secretary of state must certify Jones’ win for the Democrat to be seated in the Senate, but he refuses to do so until the week after Christmas, allegedly to ensure that every ballot is counted.

” The supporter, who has yet to be identified, responded: Merrill says that this spontaneous utterance suggests the interviewee, and possibly more Jones supporters, committed voter fraud by casting a ballot in Alabama despite living elsewhere.

“It’s very disconcerting when someone who’s not from Alabama says that they participated in our election,” the secretary of state explained.

One day, she’s praising President Trump agenda on Facebook.

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The next day, she’s speaking for the Republican Party.

But Merrill does not plan to investigate the calamitous (and possibly illegal) glitches that his office is supposed to be responsible for addressing.