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The Handbook for Southern Italy and Sicily, which now appears for the thirteenth time, has been thoroughly revised and considerably augmented, and the information regarding Naples and its environs in particular has been carefully veri- fied. The account of the climatic and sanitary conditions of Naples given at p xxiii is from the pen of a thoroughly com- petent observer , and while dissipating some of the exagger- ated notions which are prevalent regarding its unhealthiness, may afford some useful hints for the traveller's mode of life in that town. The Maps and Plans, on which special care has been bestowed, will abundantly suffice for the use of the ordinary traveller. Kiepert of Berlin, is a reproduction on a reduced scale of the map of the Italian vi PREFACE. To hotel -proprietors, tradesmen, and others the Editor begs to intimate that a character for fair dealing and cour- tesy towards travellers forms the sole passport to his com- mendation, and that advertisements of every kind are strictly excluded from his Handbooks. That which was esteemed as the highest excellence, the goal which must be reached at the cost of all other considerations, has varied with successive epochs of Greek art.

The information already received from numerous correspond- ents, which he gratefully acknowledges, has in many cases proved most serviceable. Italy; Sicily; Sardinia, Malta ^ Tunis, and Corfu), each of which may be removed from the volume and used separately if de- sired. Keku U of Berlin has been adapted for the use of English travellers with the kind assistance of Sir J. Crotce , the eminent historian of art , and will be found suggestive by visitors to the museums of Naples and Palermo or the ruins of Pompeii. Populations are stated in accordance with the latest official returns. The charges in the most frequented places have a constant tendency to rise, but those of the last few years are approximately stated in the Handbook for the trav- eller's guidance. We readily concede to one like Welcker, who brought the finest perceptions to bear on the exposition of antique art, 'that it is impossible to attain to the highest excellence in any particular direction without at the same time postponing one or other consideration of value'.

A doom pronounced by the gods is executed ; the fate Dirce had prepared for another recoils upon herself.

The ancient Greeks were familiarised with this myth by a celebrated tragedy of Euripides ; the subordinate work on the base, the mountain-god Cytheeron decked with Bacchic ivy, and the Bacchic cista on the ground, would help to recall all the minor incidents of the story.

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Its contents have been divided into four sections (Naples and its Environs; E. Ordnance Survey ; the rivers which flow all the year round are printed in blue, those which are generally dry in brown. Hotel-keepers are also warned against persons representing themselves as agents for Bae- deker's Handbooks. In the present case repose and concentration are sacri- ficed to the overwhelming effect of a momentary scene.

One in four children in America grow up without learning how to read.85% of the juveniles who face trial in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate, and more than 60% of all American prison inmates are functionally illiterate There are only three countries that don’t give new mothers any paid time off work.

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with Excursions to the LIPARI ISLANDS, MALTA, SARDINIA, TUNIS, AND CORFU With 28 Maps and 19 Plans Thirteenth Revised Edition LEIPSIC : KARL BAEDEKER, PUBLISHER. The Handbook will also, it is hoped, be the means of saving the traveller many a trial of temper ; for there is probably no country in Europe where the patience is more severely taxed than in some parts of Italy. The base is adorned with sugges- tions of landscape and appropriate animal-life more elaborately than was then usual in works of this kind, although analogies are not wholly wanting. Each box from the station to the town 20 c, smaller articles free.

25 — — lu 100 — - 1 4 - I ITALY HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLEKS BY KARL BAEDEKER THIRD PART: SOUTHERN ITALY AND SICILY. 'Go, little took, God send thee good passage, And specially let this be thy prayere Unto them all that thee will read or hear, Where thou art wrong, after their help to call, Thee to correct iu any part or all'. M^ — ail ihe objects of the Handbook for Italy, whicn consists of three volumes, each complete in itself, are to supply the traveller with some information regarding the culture and art of the people he is about to visit, as well as regarding the natural features of the country, to render him as in- dependent as possible of the services of guides and valets- de- place, to protect him against extortion, and in every way to aid him in deriving enjoyment and instruction from his tour in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. But when our thoughts are sufficiently collected to allow of our realising the event, we are again lost in admiring wonder at the aspiring courage, at the command of all artistic and technical resources possessed by the author of this sculpture, which uprears itself with such unfaltering power.

Latest Editions always on hand and mailed to any address on receipt of price, illustrated with numerous fi/laps, Plans, Panoramas, and Views. — The colossal group of a man who bears away the dead body of a boy on his shoulders is usually ascribed to the Rhodian School. 4-5 fr., convenient for visit(jrs to the Museum, hut not recommended in cold weather. Marsala, Falerno, Capri, and Lacrima Christi are sold by the bottle.