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22-Oct-2016 08:23

The storming followed with the takeover of the park located within the base's compound and the Ukrainian command center.

According to civilians and journalists at the scene, a total of 15 unmarked soldiers, armed with shotguns and AK-47s, participated in the assault, supported by two military vehicles bearing the Russian flag.

By March 24, the remaining Ukrainian troops who had been captured during the altercation were freed, unharmed.

Ukrainian interim prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk accused Russia of a war crime over the incident.

It is the administrative center of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in southern Ukraine.

It is situated in the center of Crimea Peninsula at Salgir River.

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Negotiations over the surrender of the nautical building, and the Ukrainian troops inside, continued until late Tuesday evening, when talks were met over their surrender.Although it is unclear how the incident initially began, reports emerged of a pro-Russian self-defense member attempting to scale a wall into the base compound, and being told to get back by Ukrainian guards.The argument escalated into live gunfire being exchanged by both sides and the storming of the base itself.The base was administered by Ukrainian soldiers and had been completely surrounded by pro-Russian and Crimean Self-Defense troops since 13 March.

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Pro-Russian forces demanded that the garrison surrender the base or otherwise they will take the center with force.First human settlements at the territory of modern Simferopol appeared B. After the annexation of the Crimean Khanate to the Russian Empire, the city's name was changed to its present Simferopol.

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