Six updater dayz not updating

24-Jan-2017 13:18

UPDATE June 14th, 2012: The Day Z team have thrown their weight behind six-updater, which you can get from the official Day Z site here.

I will keep my launcher up to date and patch any problems and I still firmly believe it's a better/simpler launcher if you just want to play Day Z, but as the top result for "dayz launcher", I felt a responsibility to state the official position.

There's no easy way to get around this, it's just a combination of Steam doing odd things and Microsoft's online install system.

The idea is that you can use the shortcut this adds to your desktop to launch Day Z every time and it will automatically get the latest version, if needed, and then launch the game.

This is not related to the updating of Day Z itself, that will always happen on every launch.

pls remove the standalone notice and change category to Mod Community--The Black Dracula (talk) For anyone who needs help a tutorial on combining arma2oa and arma2 free i found here

s Ei (Talk) , 20 June 2012 (MDT) Play with SIX is the new official launcher/update/installer/server browser for Day Z, from the creators of SIX Launcher, Updater and supported by years of community experience..

Six Updater may still be handy for keeping Day Z updated, but Day ZCommander should probably be used for everything else.

Hello, I've been trying to get the Arma2 Free OA install to work, but the guide provided here misses some crucial steps.

Play with SIX has much improved performance, usability and looks, a slick server browser with advanced filtering, and supports also a great number of other community Mods.

There are also (preliminary) social features like public, group and private chats, buddylists, follow your friends playing and join them, and much more.It is the evolution of, and is much improved over SIX Launcher, and is even easier to use.

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