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The looting of the city proved to be less profitable than expected for John I; he decided to keep the city to pursue further enterprises in the area.

From 1415 to 1437 Pedro de Meneses, 1st Count of Vila Real became the first governor of Ceuta.

Its population consists of Christians, Muslims and small minorities of Sephardic Jews and ethnic Sindhi Hindus.

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In the 7th century the Umayyads tried to conquer the region but were unsuccessful.

‎, Sabtah) is an 18.5-square-kilometre (7.1 sq mi) Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa, separated by 14 kilometres from Cadiz province on the Spanish mainland by the Strait of Gibraltar and sharing a 6.4 kilometre land border with M'diq-Fnideq Prefecture in the Kingdom of Morocco.

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