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05-Aug-2016 17:23

"Generations of scientists have worked to solve this puzzle," he added.Comparative analyses of the 's pivotal phylogenetic position, it is an evolutionary reference genome that allows us to better understand genome changes in those flowering plants that evolved later, including genome evolution of our many crop plants -- hence, it will be essential for crop improvement," stressed Doug Soltis of the University of Florida.A similar narrowing of genetic variation occurred when humans migrated from Africa to found modern-day Eurasian populations. "The origin of flowers: DNA of storied plant provides insight into the evolution of flowering plants." Science Daily. As one of the most diverse plant family, orchid now has its first genome sequenced.

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The genome sequence sheds new light on a major event in the history of life on Earth: the origin of flowering plants, including all major food crop species. The newly sequenced genome of the Amborella plant will be published in the journal Science on 20 December 2013.

The positive aspect of Epigenetics is that scientists have started to produce and manipulate the epigenetic markers in the lab.